‘Been told it’s a lot’: Graham Roberts claims major change he has heard at Spurs

Ex-Tottenham Hotspur player Graham Roberts has made a claim about what he has heard concerning the amount of funds Spurs will have available for potential business in the transfer market this summer.

Under Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham have been one of the most wisely managed clubs when it comes to financial decisions and that has seen the club make significant progress on the pitch, even though they have refused to spend heavily in the transfer market for a year now.

After doing well to open up a new stadium, Spurs fans will be looking for more and more upscaling from the club in all areas over the next decade of football.

Perhaps due to the cost of building a new ground, Tottenham were not able to spend at all in the transfer market last summer as rival clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City splashed the cash.

At this particular time though, Graham Roberts claims the club has actually gained ‘a lot of money’ to spend, based on what he has heard from sources at Tottenham.

The availability of more funds is indeed a major change at Tottenham, who have been the lowest spending side out of all of the top six clubs in the Premier League.

“I’ve been told it’s a lot – a lot of money. The club is generating lots of money now.” Roberts told Love Sport Radio.

Roberts also added that uncertainty over the future of Pochettino is unwarranted since the Spurs boss is unlikely to depart.

“He (Pochettino) is not going anywhere, he loves playing the media.

“Poch isn’t going anywhere. I think the media keep digging it up and digging it up.

“If he wasn’t going to stay why would he sign a six-year contract, he’ll be here for a long time.”